Dale is a gifted healer; with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold; and, with a soul that is gentle and enlightened as the brightest and most beautiful star. I highly recommend anyone who would like to be the happiest and the best version of him/herSelf to seek coaching from Dale. He is a gift, like a medium that is here to help heal us, one who will help change your life. I know you will enjoy and cherish your new Selves…

With much admiration, respect, and gratitude.
— Laleh, Vice Provost

“Each time Dale coaches me, I feel unstuck. His intuitive insights help you behind the words. He’s able to listen to you carefully and to remind something you told him 2 months ago. He’s kind and makes you feel comfortable AND he’s funny, which is a lot to me. 
I really love his spirit and I feel in safe with him. He helped me a lot going through the issues I had. Thank you Dale for being who you are and bring your guidance in this world.”   — Em, Lawyer


Dale has a way of reaching in and finding blocks and quickly pointing them out and dissolving them before the client notices them – much like pulling out a splinter one didn’t know was there. He points out obstacles and helps the client to find ways to move them out of the way in such a way that almost seems effortless.  He’s wonderful about guiding the client to find her own solutions.
— Terri, Snowboarding Instructor


It was with trepidation that I dialed through on skype to Dale. How would this older, city, IT guy who lives on the other side of the world ever find any common ground with me. I live in isolated outback Australia, I hate talking on the telephone let alone skype which I’m sure is brought by carrier pigeons out here and who was determined not to talk about anything to personal. Dale blew me out of the water, he is not only a very good listener, but also passionate and compassionate. He helped me see things in a different light.

–Dianne, Large Animal Vet