About Dale

DaleHi;  I’m Dale Johnson. I’ve always been torn between living the Academic/Engineering/Computer Programmer lifestyle that I’ve felt that I was “born into”, while being drawn toward a life more full of deeper relationship and magic.  I’m 68 now; and believe it or not, being in your 60’s can share a lot of the excitement and the feeling of open-ended-possibilities that you might have experienced in your 20’s.

I have a solid set of “scientific” credentials I have steered my life with, starting with winning the Detroit Science Fair in High School making holograms, and continuing through a Computer MA and 45 years of experience in Computer Science.  In 1988 I joined my current firm to become a manager in the building of NSFNet (something that you now know as “the Internet”).  I have two wonderful academically-trained children now in their 20’s.   I have done lots of the Respectable Adult Academic Thing.

But I’ve also been drawn to some weirder things.  I’ve meditated (not all that well) since 1975, and I spent six months traveling in India as part of an 18-month solo adventure around around Europe and Asia.  I’ve played a hammered dulcimer in British folks festivals and pubs, bicycle-camped north of the arctic circle, climbed a pyramid in Egypt, and posed in Kenya leaning on a white rhino.  I took a fiddle course in a castle in Scotland, and have picked grapes for champagne in France.  I’ve taken scuba lessons and a course in Thai massage in Thailand.  At age 30 I got tired of being cynical about our country, so I earned a FaunMasters of Public Policy trying to “save the system from the inside”.  (Hint: it didn’t work all that well).  I became depressed a while later while contemplating divorce, and voluntered for eight ECTs (Electro-convulsive therapy).  I tried therapy, and then stayed there for 20 years because I loved the exploration and introspection.  I lived for 8 years in an “Intentional Community”, exploring a slightly-utopian experiment in building living arrangements build community and human connection, then moved for a year to a horse farm, which was intended to become an Equus spiritual retreat center.  I became interested in energy work, and I have taken courses in reiki, in cranial-sacral, and in other forms of energy work and massage.  I’ve devoured books for academics exploring the very extensive and well-documented evidence that the world is much bigger, more connected, and more awesome than the usual academic view of the world thinks it is.  We do live in a really amazing, wild, wonderful world.

In 2014 I looked at the new found freedom I had from reaching retirement age and from having my kids successfully launched, and I did the coolest things of all (Really! I Mean It!): I signed up for Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training program.  I’d been reading Martha’s books for 15 years: she’s incredibly funny, warm and self-depreciating, and she has an amazingly encouraging and supportive view of people and of what people can do to free themselves from pain.  In her self-help books she has a lot of not-too-difficult but profound exercises to help people get to the emotional and life places that she talks about.  I read her books, but though I loved them, I found it difficult to work the exercises and to really apply them to my own life without having a partner or a helper to work through those exercises with.  I signed up for the Coach Training program more to have partners to do this kind of work and these exercises with than to actually Become a Life Coach.  But now I love it, and I’m hooked.  And you soon may be, too.

I was in therapy for 20 years because I enjoyed talking about myself to an intent and caring listener, and to get reflections and help on what I was experiencing.  I find that this the Martha Beck Coaching does this as well, but it is much faster, deeper, and more fun than the long years of therapy that I did.  Martha Beck coaches help you to find ways to talk of what your inner self would really like in your life (which might be different than what even your wildest dreams are now).  We help you find the thoughts and beliefs that are hiding in the back of your head that tell you “I can’t do that”, and help you dissolve those limiting thoughts.  Then we help you move toward where your deep self really wants to be. My own life has changed massively since I started this program and began using these tools coaching and being coached by other coaches:  I am less worried, happier, more enthusiastic about eveything, and have grander ideas of what I can do next.  (I asked my 23-year-old son if he saw changes in me since the program.  He said “Well, you are always cheerier now.”)   And I now totally love coaching clients, seeing them let go of pain and head on to happier thoughts and actions than they thought possible before.  Would you like some of this in your life?  Send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk.